Compare Life Insurance (HLLQP) Courses Providers in Canada

A Review and Comparison of the HLLQP Course Providers

Updated 2021. If you wish to become a licensed life insurance agent in Canada you have choice. You have to take the Harmonized Life License Insurance Program or the HLLQP (formerly the LLQP). When you pass this course you are eligible to write the licensing exams and can get licensed as a life insurance agent.

There are 14 hllqp (formerly llqp) course providers, 6 of them being insurance companies and 8 dedicated HLLQP course providers. These 8 HLLQP course providers are the focus of the following comparison. All the items have been researched and the associated links have been provided at the bottom on the page.

There is an overall ranking of each provider with a detailed breakdown for each category below.