Compare Mortgage Agent Licensing Course Providers in Ontario

A Full Review and Comparison

Updated 2024. If you wish to become a licensed mortgage agent in Ontario, you have choice. There are three providers of mortgage agent education. By passing this course you can be hired by a brokerage and apply to get a mortgage agent license, which is the first step to getting a mortgage broker license.

To compare mortgage agent courses in Ontario we’ve compiled a breakdown of the three providers that are licensed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) to deliver the Ontario mortgage agent licensing course.

We have done all the hard work for you! All items have been researched and footnotes with links are provided at the bottom. Ontario Mortgage Agent Course Providers below (Green items are typically the best of the bunch).

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Getting a mortgage agent license or a mortgage broker license

To obtain a mortgage agent level 1 license in Ontario requires the following, according to FSRA.  IYou must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older,
  • Be a resident of Canada,
  • Have a mailing address in Ontario that can receive registered mail (not a post office box),
  • Have a valid email address
  • Be authorized by a Mortgage Brokerage to deal in mortgages (this means be employed by a brokerage)
  • Work for only one Mortgage Brokerage, and
  • Meet or be exempt from the Mortgage Agent education requirements

Getting a mortgage agent level 1 license in Ontario is pretty straight forward, as long as you have a good brokerage to work for.  Finding one is sometimes difficult.  One of the benefits of the REMIC course is that they provide a free job placement assistance program.  Their course also has tips on how to choose a good brokerage.

All of the course providers have one thing in common: you will meet the educational requirements for getting a mortgage agent license in Ontario no matter which one you choose.  We hope that whatever course you take you find this career to be a good fit for you.

Mortgage Agent License Course Provider Review and Comparison Footnotes